Reactive_Light, 2014

Modeled entirely in Maya 8.0, “Lonely Joan” is the interaction between the film and the light of the simulated projector.

 In place of using light casting a color as is its property, I replaced this color with an actual video clip. The fog and reflection, using the poetic qualities of black-and-white, had to display reactively the properties of faded light on a sectored, soft gradient in a real-world environment. Along with some MEL scripting in Python, the project is an exercise in lighting for a low-luminous space.

Future iterations involve testing with The Internet of Things: using this project with a web presence, every time Mildred Pierce is viewing on YouTube, the film clip enacts from an API key.

Entirely modeled in Maya, “Lonely Joan” is a tribute to Edward Hopper and director Michael Curtiz - as well as solitary, dark interior spaces.