The Lighting Design Company, 2015


**To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.

Client: A Lighting Company

Role: UX Designer


I was asked by an interactive exhibition design firm to create an experience for a client that marketed and sold lighting.  They were looking for a trade show, immersive experience to make their brand experience humorous -- not taking their product so seriously.  They were open to something "different."


The lighting design company didn't have an interesting or dynamic approach to their show that made them stand out among lighting competitors.  This included immersive technology that "no one else was doing."


  1. A multi-player game (up to 4 players)
  2. A game in the style of "You Don't Know Jack"/Irreverent Humor 
  3. A host at the trade show controls and courts the activity
  4. A game that is timed
  5. A game that is eventually scalable and has portable, mobile potential

Key Messages:

  1. Company does not take themselves seriously and is open to a different branding discourse
  2. Lighting can be "fun"/humorous"


Mood Board

I started with my mood board template - working with my art director:

I was thinking flashing headlines, incorporating the peep show lights, the flash of bulbs, the overblown Hollywood LED sets, exclamation points, the ridiculous but seemingly-true humor.  Lots of reds, yellows and tabloid fonts in blue.  Media displays with ticker-tape headlines with horizontal scrolling.  I watched clips from "Extra!" and flipped through pages of "US Weekly."  It was crazy fun also watching old clips from the "Hollywood Squares."  Inspiration was from the "Brady Bunch," "Serial Mom," and any ridiculous scenario with scorching jokes.


Process Notes/Initial Sketched Wireframes:

Technical Challenges/Changes

After discussion with the team, the challenge with this concept was the processing power needed to hold several large, real-time profiles broadcast at once.  Also the time to enter the user's credentials for a social media wouldn't pass a heuristics test at all.   An additional option was to have the user's opt to pose for a photo when they login with the webcam.  Then a still photo would be presented instead of a live video.   If the user doesn't want to have his/her photo taken, a dummy photo could be planted.

In addition, a leaderboard was discussed for addition of showing the "Top 10 Scores."

First Low-Fidelity Wireframes

(click horizontally through the wireframes)