DIY Capture TV, 2013

I was always interested in how the Kinect from Microsoft's XBOX worked.  So my first experiment involved making this crazy, homemade, DIY TV with four channels.  I was learning the application MAX/MSP Jitter and was becoming crazy-obsessed about it.  

I began to mix period set design, physical computing with circuitry, wiring, and code, along with video manipulation.

Here's what I came up with:  As the user turns a potentiometer (basically a knob) he/she comes across 4 channels while looking into a TV set.  On the third channel, the TV detects the user and "sucks" him/her into the set.

All static, distortion, fading between videos, colors, rotating, and spinning, and especially user background capture -- is all done with "patches" (a type of coding) in the application Jitter.  This was all fed into the Arduino environment controlled by the potentiometer.  

I had great fun with this crazy experiment.  When I finished it reminded me alot of the old episodes of "The Outer Limits."  And I ended up incorporating the beginning intro of this show into the project.

Here is the result: