Plan_it: The American Museum of Natural History, 2015

On November 7, 2014, I was invited to join a team at New York City's The American Museum of Natural History to create an immersive, digital experience for a project sponsored by NASA.  The goal was to use NASA's vastly immense data set entitled the Digital Universe, and create something, anything in 24 hours.

Along with my amazing team of astrophysicists, coders, project managers, astro-physicists, and exhibition designers, we created "Plan_it."  The project creates an educational tool to teach about the path of celestial bodies in orbits, what happens when we virtually manipulate those orbits, and how do properties of matter change as result with atmosphere, velocity, and light.

I was responsible for helping to create the user experience, user interface, and the 3d visual content.

We won first prize in the educational category with hopes of creating the exhibit with permanency for the museum.

Read the press release about our project from The Atlantic here.

Here are the slides from the presentation we gave to the museum and to NASA (click for captioned details).

UI/UX, Working on Plan_it:

The Final Working Prototype Demo: