Interactive Show Walls, 2017


The idea that walls -- any architecture that a model walks in tandem with -- can be interactive to the body and integral to the show is what I set out to research.  Here are a few ideas:

With a set perhaps such as this -- with a "wall" or cylinder in the middle of the set -- or with models walking along a wall around the perimeter of a show wall

What would be an effective and beautiful way to capture a model's walk?  What would be a poetic visual to have a model "wipe" away the set to a reveal?

The prototype in this video shows how a model can leave a trail (in this case, flowers) that are interactive with her walk.

In addition, a model walking by can reveal an image underneath:

As the model passes by, with the use of a HoloMirage screen, an inner set, narrative, world can be revealed.  The HoloMirage is a transparent rear projection screen that captures light to resemble a hologram.  This concept can display actors moving inside of an interior set, a video screen with interior animations or other image moving.  

Presented by HoloDisplays of California.

Presented by HoloDisplays of California.

In addition, a model walking by a pattern, a design of numbers or characters, can create an experience:

Using background subtraction and a depth camera, passing by a solid image -- the model can create a wave or move a piece of cloth to create an ethereal visual:

With projection mapping, and a HoloMirage display, this cloth effect can make some pretty interesting effects: