The Whisperers, 2013

“Conceptually strong ...shines due to its topical relevance....well executed and designed”  - Siggraph 2014

"A fascinating project and very timely given the current discourse around mass surveillance across the world and particularly in the USA" - The Arts In Society

"I really love this!  So happy my novel inspired this project"  - Tweet by Orlando Figes: 2 July 2014

Expressing the current climate of governmental monitoring of its citizens’ activities such as the capture and analysis of metadata, “The Whisperers” compares today’s authoritative scrutiny over and amongst a populace’s civilians by using a mirrored historical context. A museum exhibit proposal, “The Whisperers” portrays a relevant, and comparative historical era of paranoia where daughters spied upon mothers, neighbors eavesdropped on neighbors, and loved ones quickly betrayed one another.

Inspired by the American government’s scrutiny of private metadata, the exhibit illustrates the personal and intimate communication of whispering and its effects on familial and neighborly relationships underneath a statewide operation. This interactive experience is about dwellings, shadows, and spaces each with compartmentalized narratives. An environment where walls can have ears, the vents in your floor can have eyes, and the pipes in your bathroom are dark tunnels snaking through an atmosphere of conspiracy, "The Whisperers" is a world where collective scrutiny, hushed tones and murmurs are the only communication for survival.

Whispering in the home is represented as the only sound heard in personal life, the hidden expression of knowledge, and dissemination in the dark.

"The Whisperers" is a culmination of all my design aesthetic, digital aesthetic, and experiences from kindergarten to the present. 

It was selected for presentation at the Nordic Conference For Digital Excellence in Warsaw, Poland.  It has also been presented with Siggraph 2014 and ACE 2014: Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology.

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"The Whisperers" has also been planned for an immersive, interactive full-scale exhibit.  Here is the first-iterative experience: