National Stonewall Museum, 2015

After designing the Stonewall Museum digital experience, I had heard of a friend who knew an individual who was actually thinking of building a physical, large-scale museum.  

I met with Kevin Jennings, who is a pioneer in many ways within the LGBT community.  Kevin is involved with creating the beginning of a museum that was supposed to be based in Washington, D.C., allied with the Smithsonian.  After discussion, due to historical events, the museum was decided to have its birth in NYC.  

Therefore, monumentally, he is on an entire fundraising campaign the build the very first, national LGBT museum.  Check out his efforts here.  

I was further thrilled when he loved my visions for what I thought the museum could be.  What a great alliance I had made!  And I was further thrilled when the board of the museum voted me to the National Advisory Board for the LGBT museum.  So this will be a life-time dream to be integral to this project.

Here are the initial, version 1 renders of the interaction design that I showed to Kevin: