Almar Sales

A Virtual Showroom for a toy distributor.


Almar Sales Company is an international consumer products manufacturer and supplier of fashionable accessory products and cosmetics for over 45 years.  Specializing in designing, manufacturing and distributing Fashion Hair Accessories, Costume Jewelry, Cosmetics, Children's Toys and Novelty Items, the company asked me to create a virtual showroom.

PROBLEM:  Almar's vendors that purchase the toys from Almar can't always make it to NYC to visit the showroom.

SOLUTION:  To create a virtual showroom using virtual reality where the buyer can visit, walk around, and pick up and examine the products -- while gaining information such as pricing about that product.

To give the buyers a virtual experience, the use of Google Cardboard as an inexpensive device to enable numerous virtual reality viewers needed to be created as well as an experience for the HTC Vive where a high resolution, technically perfected version would be used at trade shows.